Voice Support

A call center is a physical place where customer and other telephone calls are handled by an organization, usually with some amount of computer automation. We started call center department with a view to simplify and offer customer friendly services. Majorly people use call centers to get information.Just one call and you will get all the information at your doorstep.

Through our call center you can get instant information on millions of businesses and thousands of products and services. For your convenience we are 24*7 available on a single national number 47777777.

BSNL is the biggest player in telecommunication industry.

We are also having golden number of BSNL that is 27777777 since we entered the market. We deliver value to customers. We communicate customer intelligence throughout the enterprise. We provide convenient customer access to the services required. We have daily reports with detailed encounter analysis. We have a customized database for customer tracking. We also have Customized Interface Development. We also deliver service and technical support personnel according to escalation protocol. We have a program Implementation & System Management. We provide multilingual support also.

Our inbound call centers offer solutions that integrate 24-7, personalized technical support services with advanced technologies for knowledge management and automated support. Focus on the technical problems that may arise concerning the products or services.

In cases where further investigation is needed, they ensure that no problem is left unattended. Our call center tailors their programs to meet the precise specifications of all kinds of customers. We make your customer feel as if they are calling next door.

Our agents are intelligent, are neutralized, are good listeners and capable to understand the requirements of the customers. Companies subscribing for Ad Support services can incorporate DataDiary easy-to-remember telephone numbers in its advertising campaigns.

DataDiary unique Feedback facility enables the subscribed companies to get information on caller details like Name, Telephone Number, Email Addresses and his requirement. This feedback is sent to the companies Email or Instant SMS alerts.

We actually provide our customer with a human interface to help the customer navigate through the process with a view to simplify and offer customer friendly services. We provide technical supervisor on duty at all times.