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Relation With DataDiary :  "Since 2003"

Earning Business:  "30 - 35%"

  I am running my unit since last 20 years & since 2003 i am regular advertiser for datadiary.I regularly register myself with datadiary.I have got tre... datadiary datadiary

Mr. Sunandan Doriwala

Relation With DataDiary :  "Since 2004"

Earning Business:  "45-50 %"

  datadiary is the best service provider.We are getting the best support from datadiary.We are 100% satisfy with this service.We would suggest all ar... datadiary datadiary

Mr. Kalpesh Desai

Relation With DataDiary :  "Since 2005"

Earning Business:  "45-50 %"

  I am happy with the gesture from datadiary.The staff at datadiary is very cooperative & supportive.The are well versed & well trained.They have prov... datadiary datadiary

Dr Bashir A Ahmadi

Relation With DataDiary :  "Since Last 5 yrs."

Earning Business:  "40-50%"

  We are associated with datadiary services for last 5 years .We are very much satisfied with datadiary services.Their directory as well as call cente... datadiary datadiary

Dr. Bishan Mahadevia

Relation With DataDiary :  "Since 2009"

Earning Business:  "30-35%"

  We have got good response from datadiary.We are completely satisfied with their services.We will surely continue our relation with datadiary.All the ... datadiary datadiary

Dr Ramesh Desai

Relation With DataDiary :  "Since 2008"

Earning Business:  "35-40 %"

  We are very happy to have contract of advertising with your esteemed company.We are fully satisfied with the work & the way you have furnished our co... datadiary datadiary

Mr Bhupat Patel

Relation With DataDiary :  "Since 2009"

Earning Business:  "30-35%"

  We have a business of hotel.We provide homely stay.We provide Car on rent. I have joined datadiary newly.But we are actually surprised with their lea... datadiary datadiary

Mr Mansingh

Relation With DataDiary :  "Since 2004"

Earning Business:  "45-50%"

  We are since long time associated with datadiary voice support.Day by day your services are improving.We have always got great support from yourside... datadiary datadiary

Mr Kashyap Rawal

Relation With DataDiary :  "Since Last 6 Years"

Earning Business:  "10-15%"

  I am a regular user of datadiary.We are using datadiary service since 5 to 6 years.We are satisfied with their software.We have earned 10-15 % profit... datadiary datadiary

Mr Subhash

Relation With DataDiary :  "Since 2004"

Earning Business:  "45-50%"

  I have been associated with datadiary since the beginining of the company.I have been satisfied with the response.I am grateful to the company for i... datadiary datadiary

Mrs Armaity Taraporewalla